How to Show Gratefulness


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First, let’s take a look at the meaning of gratefulness.

What Is Gratefulness?

Gratefulness, according to, is a warm, friendly feeling of gratitude. It is synonymous with such words as appreciativeness and thankfulness. However, one can’t solely express gratefulness by saying thank you to somebody. It is an inner feeling that arises from the heart of an individual. 

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in life. We can be grateful for life, no matter how painful it is to live in this world. But we are too focused on the frustrations brought about by broken relationships or unfulfilled career. We must admit that sometimes we tend to forget that having been existed in the world is a privilege from the Lord. People look down on discouragement instead of looking up and being grateful.  

Reasons To Be grateful to God

  1. Being alive

Isn’t it great that you are still breathing? That means you can still be with your family, can hug your children, can go around with friends, can fulfill your dreams, can say “thank you” or say “sorry” to somebody who owes these words.

  1. Has a place to live in

Some people sleep under the bridge or along the street. 

  1. Can drink water

Some places are threatened by water shortage.

  1. Have eyes to see

One night, I was on my way home. I saw a blind man walking with a stick.  He was supposed to walk up the footbridge but missed the step on the stairs. You do imagine how difficult it is, don’t you?

  1. Family

It is not just by blood. It can be friends or people who love and accept you as you are. Some people feel abandoned. They have nobody to share their moments of joy or agony in times of crisis. 

  1. Sun

I can’t imagine living in the world without the sun. Sunrise signifies new hope. When we get up in the morning, we ordinarily open the window or open the blinds. Sunshine makes us happy. It positively affects our mood.

  1. Job

I see it as an opportunity, not a mere responsibility. God has given us jobs so we can earn a living. So we have to take care of it.

  1. Skills or talents that you possess

These are gifts from God, therefore we must use them productively. Share these with others and use them to inspire other people.

  1. Feet

You aim to have a pair of leather shoes, yet others can’t walk.

  1. Food on the table

Others eat scraps.

  1. Failures

Yes, you read it right. As the quote says, “ Failure is the key to success”. It teaches us lessons. Count your failures. The more we fail, the eager we are to develop approaches to succeed.

  1. Wisdom

Wisdom comes from God. It is precious. The good thing is, we can ask for it from God. As we seek God for wisdom, there are no impulsive moments, and you will have a patient heart.

  1. Heartbreak

Indeed as when a heart breaks, you will be made whole.

  1. Disappointment

It brings anger and pity. However, it creates resiliency in your personality after the process of acceptance.

  1. Sunset

It means it is time to rest after a long day of work. Seize this chance to regain strength for the next day’s battle.

  1. Clothes

Despite having clothes which are worn-out already, they protect and keep our bodies warm.

  1. Opportunity

It makes you courageous to face the risk of trying something outside your comfort zone. 

  1. Pets

They are good companions. Acquiring pets overcomes loneliness.

And a lot more…

How to express gratefulness?

Now that we know the reasons to be grateful, let’s learn the ways to express gratefulness. When you are grateful, you have a deep desire to return the favor or somehow to spread gratitude to others. Being grateful doesn’t stop after saying thank you. It starts there.

  1. Well, try to cook for your family a dish at least once on your day off.
  2. Play with your children on weekends.
  3. Help a neighbor in need.
  4. Give a smile to a stranger.
  5. Tell some supportive words to a downhearted friend.
  6. Give some of your stuff to a charity. 
  7. Avoid gossiping about other people.
  8. Share good thoughts with others.
  9. Celebrate your birthday in a foster care facility. 
  10. Post some bible verses on your wall to remind you of God’s faithfulness.
  11. Worship God amidst difficulties.
  12. Share the gospel.
  13. Say at least one positive word to a colleague every day.
  14. Write down everything that you are grateful for and focus on them.
  15. Be a role model for your children.
  16. Say thank you with a smile.
  17. Sing even your heart is breaking.
  18. Surprise a great friend for a visit.

Benefits Of Being Grateful Physically And Emotionally

Accordingly, the above ways to show appreciation would eventually bring some good impacts to our bodies. There are some proven beneficial effects related to the constant practice of gratefulness. Also, it creates a positive, healthy relationship.

a woman jogging in the park
  1. It directs us towards the ways to find simple joy in life.
  2. It helps reduce stress and anxieties.
  3. Being grateful creates a positive mind. 
  4. It lessens the chance of depression.
  5. Gratefulness makes you a person that someone can look up to.
  6. It inspires us to give our best in everything we do.
  7. You can have quality and better sleep at night.
  8. The attitude of gratefulness lowers blood pressure levels.
  9. Confidence and self-discipline develop.
  10. You can be more energetic and high spirited.
  11. It gives a sense of comfort. You will feel contented with what you have. 
  12. It guides you to self-fulfillment towards success.

Thank you for reading this post!

God bless!

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