80 Ways To Find Simple Joy in Life

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What is a simple joy?

Simple joy comes from within. It is not measured with money nor with luxurious things in life. It is deep and is unshakeable. Here, I will be sharing with you the ways to find joy.

You might be asking me now these questions.

Is it possible to find joy, and yet you don’t have most of the things that make a person happy? Yes, it is. Can I have joy even my pocket is empty? Yes, you can. But how can you say so? I have seen my colleague bought a new car, and it brought him an amazing feeling. He said he couldn’t ask for more. If I would buy a car, then I can be as happy as him, too.

Well, think about this. If your colleague lost his job unexpectedly, he will feel downhearted and depressed. Should he buy another car to be happy again? Well, unless he is able. If not, then, I can say that buying a car only brought him a short term happiness, and that will soon fade.

But a person, who enjoys simple things like listening to music, indulging himself in that famous milk tea in town, watching the popular teledrama on television every night, when suddenly lost a job, will feel sad but still grateful.

Why grateful? After losing a job, he can still listen to music as much as he wants. He can still go to his favorite milk tea shop. He can still watch that teledrama if he wishes to. He already found joy from simple things, and having that joy is a constant feeling. Whether or not he can buy a car, he is still joyful.

There are a lot of reasons for disappointments. To understand joy is to know that it is a process that needs the acknowledgment of a particular circumstance. A person must accept the situation, engage himself in small things that bring joy or simple pleasure, and appreciate the feeling created from such pleasant activity.
How can we turn a painful circumstance to finding simple joys and then be grateful in the end?



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First, acknowledge the pain. I can say it is not easy to accept the unpleasant event in life. Especially if it talks about losing something or someone very important to you. It can’t happen in an instant nor done forcefully. But one should of course recognize the loss.

Focusing on what you have and what you are still capable of doing plays a role in the acknowledgment process. Cry if you must. If you want to be silent, so be it. Give yourself enough time for realization. Let acceptance happens naturally. Until such time you can tell yourself this grief is finally over.

When done, get out of your room, tell the world that you are now ready to engage yourself in small pleasurable ways to find simple joy in life.

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Here are the 80 ways to find simple joy in Life:

  1. Read some bible scriptures
  2. Drink your favorite brand of coffee
  3. Lean your arms on the rail of your balcony and enjoy the fresh air
  4. Walk in the park
  5. Listen to your favorite music
  6. Watch your favorite show on TV
  7. Play fetch with your dog
  8. Hum while taking a shower
  9. Take selfie photos
  10. Go to bed early
  11. Put on your favorite sneakers
  12. Sketch or draw
  13. Drink hot tea
  14. Wear your favorite shirt
  15. Restyle your hair
  16. Video chat with your best friend
  17. Visit an old friend’s house
  18. Sneak out some potato chips from your grocery cabinet
  19. Match your potato chips with cola
  20. Shop online through Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and others within your budget
  21. Compose a song
  22. Write a poem
  23. Watch some “how to’s” videos on YouTube
  24. Edit your photo using some apps 
  25. Wear a red lipstick on for a change
  26. Eat your favorite ice cream
  27. bake pizza from scratch
  28. Go fishing
  29. Ride a bike
  30. Drink hot chocolate on cold days
  31. Pick some fresh flowers in the garden and placing on a vase to your table
  32. Try yoga
  33. Share your home-cooked meals with your neighbor
  34. Take a nap
  35. Sing your favorite teledrama theme song
  36. Play board games
  37. Buy anything for you, not the expensive one
  38. Jog along the neighborhood early in the morning
  39. Light up an aromatherapy candle inside your bedroom
  40. Get rid of some of your stuff and give them to the needy
  41. Talk to your plants
  42. Do some bedroom makeover
  43. Harvest some vegetables from your mini garden
  44. Cook hot pot in winter
  45. Treat yourself for a body massage
  46. Climb the roof and enjoy the moon and the stars at night
  47. Shower in the rain
  48. Jump in puddles
  49. Bake some bread or cookies
  50. Look at your photos from the old photo albums
  51. Eat a burger
  52. Dip your fries in ice cream
  53. Read a novel
  54. Watch some science fiction movies
  55. Ask grandma how to crochet and try it
  56. Repair old things in your house
  57. Swim
  58. Write a story
  59. Learn some new skills
  60. Feed birds
  61. Create a dish
  62. Jump rope
  63. Plant vegetables in the yard
  64. Do some exercises at home
  65. Take a warm bath
  66. Change your mobile case
  67. Do some window shopping
  68. Hug your children
  69. Rearrange your furniture
  70. Share a funny story with a friend
  71. Watch the sunrise every morning
  72. Play guitar or any musical instruments
  73. Try out some 3D nail art for your nails
  74. Change your workstation at home if you are a freelancer.
  75. Putt plants indoor
  76. Set up ideas on your aquarium to make a beautiful fish tank
  77. Help others
  78. Meditate
  79. Blog
  80. Connect with old friends



Appreciate the feeling of joy after involving yourself in these simple ways to find joy. No matter how small something is, recognize its value because somehow, that thing brought you joy and made you smile. Be thankful. Gratitude will be reflected in your character upon showing appreciation and gratefulness. Return kindness to people. Kindness begets joy.

Be grateful to God as He still gives you an opportunity to experience joy. God is so great. Despite the fact the He allows us to experience pain and despair, He still gives us the wisdom to regain the lost strength brought about by the painful circumstance. In prayer, tell God how blessed you are that He is there in every second of your life.

Psalm 106:1

Praise the Lord.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.

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